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About Us

Our aim is to make the life of a landlord, letting agent or property manager more productive and efficient

As landlords ourselves, we know that too much time is being spent creating inventories - taking you away from building and improving your business

We have over 20 years of experience in the property industry, including roles as lettings agents, inventory clerks and landlords and it was during this time that the idea for an inventory creation and management tool - Inventory Genius - was born.

Inventory Genius App Mock-up

Why are we different...

There's many inventory apps available, but Inventory Genius is different because property professionals have designed it, for property professionals to use it.

Inventory Genius is two in one - Firstly, an inventory creation tool which reduces the time it takes to complete property inventories, while also improving the quality of the final inventory document and secondly, a management app that connects teams together to ensure their inventory operation is more efficient and streamlined.

With a range of purchase options tailored to your business needs - along with a FREE 14 day Trial - we believe there is an Inventory Genius for your property business.

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